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ROBOTERR SEWERAGE™ is a new sewerage construction technology that requires no workers inside the sewerage trench and no trench shields. This technology has 2 patented solutions:

  1. The Sewerage Construction Robot
  2. Active Trench Shoring (Exclusively for the Sewerage Construction Robot)

1. The Sewerage Construction Robot is a device that does all the work that a worker does in a sewerage trench:

  • levels the sand bed automatically, with the specified slope
  • installs the duct (pushes the sewer pipe in the other one)
  • levels the sand over the sewer pipe

This robot is introduced in the trench and is remotely controlled.

The advatages of this technology:

  • Safer working conditions, for the reason that the workers don't have to enter inside the sewer trench
  • Trench Shoring isn't used anymore
  • Efficiency through increased working speed
  • Levelling precision of ±1 cm
  • Reduction of the width of the trench by 30-40%
  • Reduction of the quantity sand used by 30-40%, due to the fact that the trench shields aren't needed anymore
  • Reduction of the quantity of excavated earth by 30-40%

The Sewerage Construction Robot has the following characteristics:

  • Totally Electric: 1 EURO / Day power consumption
  • long battery life
  • remotely controlled
  • robust structure, in the case that the trench collapses

2. The "Active Trench Shoring" is a set of devices for sewerage trench shoring. These devices are light and small, each can by assembled and installed in the trench in under a minute by a single worker.

The use of these devices is mandatory for reducing the risk of the trench to collapse.

The "Active Trench Shoring" must only be used for the protection of the robot.

The use of the "Active Trench Shoring" for the protection of the workers in the sewer trench is PROHIBITED.

If you're interested, we can offer you this technology on request and train people to use this technology. Also, we can give you selling license.